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The Gates have Opened

You are invited to step onto the Path of Dance Mastery. 

Sharpen your Technique and Knowledge

Refine your spirit with Virtue and Wisdom

Awaken your greatest Movement Artistry

The Academy Mission:

We are dedicated to fostering masterful dancers and mindful movers. Bridging the worlds of urban street dance with ancient wisdom and mind-body wellness practices. Our goal is to help you:

  • Greatly refine your dance technique and vastly expand your movement vocabulary

  • Learn the proper Foundations to the Urban dance styles of: Popping, Animation, Waving, Tutting, Robotics, Footwork, and more.   

  • Achieve a greater degree of body control & isolation.

  • Access the Flow State easier through Dance and receive it's healing benefits

  • Tap into creative movement and be able to demonstrate mind-blowing dance illusions & concepts. 

  • Strengthen your Ability to embody and connect with the Music

  • Harness the Life Force Energy through mind-body wellness practices

  • Unlock your greatest Dance potential that is unique to You!

Membership Features

Here are all the perks included with your Dance Djedi Membership

  • Courses & Tutorials

    You will have access to a deep library of over 70+ tutorials, 14 mini courses, and counting. New training material will be published every month. You will have everything you need to achieve your greatest Movement Artistry.

  • Technical Training

    Level up your Dance Ability with our extensive Urban Dance Training Modules. We provide the proper foundations and fundamentals that will set you right on the path towards Mastery. Learn the secrets of various styles such as Popping, Waving, Tutting, Animation, Footwork, and much more.

  • Dance Path Wisdom

    Whether you have dreams of becoming a Performer, a dance competitor, or even a Teacher: We have training & courses to help you on your career path. Our Dance Path module includes training for performers, competitors, therapists, teachers, artist's, and community builders.

  • Wellness & Cultivation

    Tap into your peak performance with our mindfulness & internal cultivation practices. Unlock the Djedi arts of learning how to move the Life Force through your body, and thus your dance. We offer training in Energetic Sensitivity, Meditation, Breathwork, and many mindfulness practices.

  • Discounts & Coupons

    As a result of being a member, you will have access to Discounts & Coupons for all future courses, live trainings, workshops, and even 1 on 1 Private Sessions with a qualified Instructor.

  • The Djedi Tribe

    By joining you are also becoming a part of a larger community that is world wide. You will have access to our own private forum where we discuss topics, share videos, and even receive video commentary from your Instructor!

Academy Curriculum:

Here are all the courses that are included in your Membership.

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Meet the Academy Head Instructor

Adrian Miramontes a.k.a. Lobo

Greetings seeker,
Thank you for visiting, it is an honor to have you here. I created the Dance Djedi Academy in order to help pass on the precious knowledge, wisdom, and teachings that I have been so fortunate to receive ever since first stepping onto The Path. Dance has given me an incredibly rich, magical, and miraculous life and continues to bless me in a multitude of ways. It is my hopes that these teachings can help you receive those blessings for yourself as well.

I have poured everything I have learned into all the courses you see here. My goal is to share all the shortcuts that took me years to learn so that you can learn it in a fraction of the time. It is my sincere belief that the teachings here have the power to unlock humanities greatest potential, as it has for myself, and as I have seen it be done for others.

May your journey onto the Path of Dance Mastery be guided by the Life Force. And may you be serendipitously blessed to receive all the gifts this Path has to offer you. Until next time, see you on the cosmic dance floor. Happy Training!
Adrian Lobo Bio


David Elsewhere

Urban Dance Legend, Pioneer, Personal Dance Coach for Michael Jackson

I love Adrian Lobo's teaching/speaking style. He's calm and eloquent, which makes him more credible and easy to learn from. The lessons are easy to understand and get right to the point. I also enjoyed the mystical twist Lobo has fused with dance, so it will take those who are ready and open minded to receive these ideas and philosophies. I love the break down of the styles into different elements as well. It makes it a fun and easy to learn in this format. Overall excellent courses. I would highly recommend this to anyone wanting to learn. I learned a lot myself. Adrian Lobo is very knowledgeable and skilled in all these styles, I was really impressed by that. Best of luck with this project.

Richard H

Student of Dance

I learned about Adrian Lobo, not through word of mouth, but by actually watching his popping street dance Youtube videos back in the mid-2000's. With a straight face I can tell you that Lobo has been one of my favorite dancers ever since I've watched him; and has been an inspiration of mine even before he started coaching me around 2015. During this time, what I also had the honor of learning was how much Adrian took pleasure in helping me out. How much knowledge he has on different aspects of dance, how he was able to present it in teachable ways, how we were able to talk and how I was able to ask any question I had to him. A lot of dance insights he's taught me I still am mindful of to this day. I would recommend Adrian Lobo to anyone interested in learning from a truly mesmerizing dancer, and a patient, positive teacher. Many blessings Lobo!!!

Leeron Liftik

Non-linguistic Communications Specialist. Movement Provocateur. Dendrophiliac

Lobo is a phenomenal instructor. Regardless of whether or not his style resonates with you, his ability to break movements down to their most basic components, teaching pupils how to drill and grind each area until it becomes an unconscious effort manifested purely through personal self expression has been a profound and unique contribution to my dance experience and life. I have taken several online dance courses and his has by far had the greatest impact on me. Highly recommend.


Dance Entertainer

I'll never forget the first time I saw Lobo perform for Clozee 2017 at the Crystal Ballroom. His perfection in his movement is beyond eye catching and hypnotizing! It was then I knew I must meet this being and learn his movement discipline. Taking classes with Lobo has been amazing and so helpful. I have been able to hone down a stillness in my dance movements and start perfecting the rhythm the way I've always wanted. Lobo is a master of dance, the Bruce Lee of Dance, the Pop lock Jedi Ninja! If you haven't checked out his dance performances, then you must asap. Also encouraging any dancers who want to bring out their own special unique dance power from within, should also take his courses!

Pricing options

You have 3 different membership options to choose from. You have the option of upgrading or downgrading at any time. Look below to see what each Tier has to offer.

Tier I

Basic Level Immersion

The first level of Membership includes all online Courses, access to the private group forum, discounts, and future Monthly Livestreams. This is great for those who are just getting into this path and exploring -- or to the person who is highly self-disciplined and can guide themselves.
Join Tier I ($25/month)

Tier II

Mid-Level Immersion

The Tier II membership includes everything from Tier I in addition to a 1on1 Session with Adrian Lobo every month. The training material is vast, deep, and extensive and can sometimes be overwhelming. This tier is great for one who has started to explore the material, but whom is ready for extra personal guidance. 1on1 Sessions can be great to help you break through obstacles, give you a structured training regimen, and guidance on what to develop next.
Join Tier II ($49/month)

Tier III

High-level Immersion

This tier includes everything from Tier I in addition to the 1on1 Djedi Mentorship Program ( 3 x per month). This is a deep intensive 1on1 training program that is personalized to your specific needs & goals. This is great for the hungry novice who is ready to accelerate their growth at the fastest pace. This can also be good for the more advanced Dancer, or seasoned Pro, who needs a more specific program for advanced tinkering. This level of immersion requires one who is highly dedicated, disciplined, and passionate about this Path.
Join Tier III ($199/month)